Founded April 28, 1925 by petition to provide domestic water and fire protection for parts of New London and Springfield boundaries set May 1, 1925

Petition signed by Fred B Gay, Joseph Cutting, Henry W Kidder, Joseph D Whitcher, William A Kidder, Fred A Pressey, Karl M Sholes, Arthur J Gould, Charles E Shepard, Elmer A Adams, Sidney M Pedrick, Calvin Sargent. Current boundaries reflect the boundaries of land owned by the founders of the precinct.

First legal meeting held may 16, 1925, 66 votes cast to establish the district

First commissioners were Charles E Shepard, Fred B Gay, Joseph Cutting, treasurer was Fred Pressey

1925 voted to raise $80,000.00 by bond to build water system using Morgan Pond via Kidder Brook to a man made reservoir

After much study and to comply with the safe drinking water act 6 gravel pack wells were drilled on Colby Point, Little Lake Sunapee, in May of 1996. This caused a new pump station to be built and a new storage tank.

The storage tank is 80 feet in diameter, 26.6 feet deep and holds 1 million gallons

As of this date the precinct has appox 30 miles of water mains serving 875 domestic hookups and 150 commercial accounts in New London and Springfield

Currently the number of tax based properties for the district are 1186 in New London and 31 in Springfield. Taxes are levied on all properties located within the precinct to defray capital costs.

Established as the New London Water System Precinct in 1925 the name was changed by public vote in 1983 to be New London-Springfield Water System Precinct

1984 James Bewley retired as superintendent after 16 years of service.

Precinct operating costs are funded by rates on water usage, based on a metered system.

2000 Richard LaPorte retired as superintendent after 16 years of service.

There are 197 fire hydrants, private and public, serviced by the Precinct

Wooden pipelines were replaced starting in 1958, and completely replaced in 1978.

Spring of 1975 new precinct building put up on Dump Rd. Prior to this, the employees worked out of the New London Fire Station on Pleasant St. 

New reservoir built in 1976 for $89,490.00

Precinct owns 197 acres at Morgan Pond and 16 acres for reservoirs I & II

The Precinct currently consumes an avg. of 250,000 gallons in a 24 hr. period in winter, 320,000 in summer.

The wells at Colby Point were designed deliver a maximum of 750,000 gals in a 24 hr period.

We now add polyorthophosphate for corrosion and manganese control, sodium hydroxide for ph adjustment and chlorine for disinfection.

Water is pumped from the wells to the pump station, and then fed into main distribution line and to the storage tank, after the pumps go off the water is gravity fed into mains from the tank, when tank calls for water the pumps come on again. Distribution lines range from 3” to 12”

Currently the precinct’s largest consumer is Colby Sawyer College with New London Hospital being the second largest user.

2005+ : Started Construction on second tank and booster pump station located on the CSC campus.

Robert Thorp presided as the third superintendent from 2000 to 2005

Todd Cartier served as the fourth Superintendent
form 2005 to 2010

Rob Thorp has returned and is the current Superintendent.

Flushing of hydrants done in spring. Notices are placed on hydrants prior to flushing. This sometimes stirs up particles that can be seen in water. This is not harmful but can be cleansed by opening your outside sill cock or letting water run for about ten minutes.